To see my dream come true as an Official Tourism Guide is something, I can´t
explain. It has been a hard and long path to ride, of effort and perseverance,
which finally gave me the deserved result.
I had to undergo many hard, difficult tests and exams, but I can say I passed all
of them the first time round.
I am the first Spanish Guide with auditory deficiency who also knows the Official
Sign Language. This information is included in my Guide ID. Now I can do what
I most like, be a guide for everyone, and, especially for the deaf and people with
auditory disabilities.
My big dream was to work in this field so I studied and got my diploma in Tourism.
With a lot of effort and dedication, I became a tourist guide, who can communicate
in Spanish, English, French, as well as in the Spanish Official Sign Language.
After completing my studies, I had to undergo exhaustive exams to obtain my
Guide ID and be able to visit and explain the history of different palaces and
Monasteries in the Community of Madrid.
It is an honour to have achieved my purpose and be able to help deaf people
learn more about Spanish culture and enrich their knowledge about our history,
art and overall culture. It would be ideal for them to enjoy their visits accompanied
by a specialised guide like me, as I know their needs as a collective best. I will
facilitate their accessibility to monuments, palaces and museums in the
Community of Madrid.
My goal is to help the deaf and people with reduced auditory capacities to
increase the range of possibilities and accessibility to the knowledge, art and
history of the monuments we have in the Community of Madrid. The goal is also
to make them feel they are capable of doing many things, and make them
understand that having an auditory incapacity is not an impediment to achieve
what they dream or desire. This initiative is also focused to help boost jobs and
job promotions for the deaf and hearing impairment population.